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Freecell [iPhone Portrait]

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Submitted App: Solitaire Collection (paid, free) [English, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese]

So I hear every game has a story. So what’s Sol Collections’? It turns out that I’d made several games before. Regardless of what type it was, every time I’d come home my spouse would play a game and one game only – Solitaire!! Jealous that my  games were not being played I decided to make my own version of solitaire. I can now proudly say that my spouse now plays my app. Once solitaire was completed it was natural progression to create freecell, and then of course, spider solitaire. Seeing how there’s a ton of these card apps out there, I didn’t see one app that sold all these  three popular card games in one simple app. So there it is. That’s the Sol Col story.

Now we wait for the apps release once Apple approves of it.